Purpose with Pam
Every Life is a Piece of the Puzzle

Ten years ago, I was working with a young client who was conflicted. He was trying to decide what to do with his life because his High School graduation loomed before him. All he wanted to do was play music but his parents were encouraging him to do the ‘sensible’ thing and get a degree. He found himself grappling with some big questions. What was he meant to do? Why was he here? Would he ever accomplish anything? His artist’s soul ached to know that he could make a difference.

During the reading, Arch Angel Michael showed me a globe. He rolled it out flat like a map. Then he smashed it like glass with a hammer. Pieces flew everywhere! Slowly, he started putting this giant million-piece puzzle back together again. Building the edges first, working towards the middle. As Arch Angel Michael put the puzzle together, he would carefully pick up each piece, show it to me, then place it in the puzzle. He seemed to be emphasizing that every piece was an equal size. The next piece he showed me had Gandhi’s picture on it and he placed it in the puzzle. Then he took two more pieces, placed my client’s picture on one and mine on the other, and into the puzzle we went. My mind was whirling! I had to stop him to ask,” How can it be that our pieces are the same size?” In my mind Gandhi was a great man who changed the fate of India, so how could mine and my client’s pieces be the same size as his? Arch Angel Michael replied, “Every life has an equal value to humanity.”

Arch Angel Michael explained that Gandhi would not have been successful without the one million people who decided to march with him. While history gives Gandhi all the credit, the reality is, he did not do it alone. The message was that we are all pieces of the puzzle and we each have our part to play. No life is bigger or smaller in value than another.

Arch Angel Michael recommended that my young client pursue his love for music, and perhaps a music degree. His gift and his purpose was the power to inspire and transform those who heard his music. The message was rather simple and didn’t involve the promise of stadiums or riches. Just the promise that he would have an effect.
Each passion, job, or life has a purpose equal to the other. We are all needed to complete the puzzle. Our main purpose is to be change makers in our circle of friends and acquaintances. Just by being who we are, we help move each other forward inch by inch. Your life is an equal piece of the puzzle and without you, the puzzle can’t be completed. Just like my young client, your life is your song. Play on!