Connect with Loved Ones

Healing from the loss of a deceased loved one is a journey individual to each of us. Pamela acts as a medium through which your loved ones can connect with you in an authentic, meaningful and sometimes surprising way.

Experiences with your loved ones, can help ease the emotional burdens left behind caused by complex relationships, sudden deaths, or just because you miss them.

Angel Reading

Life can be fraught with relationship difficulties, career choices, financial strain and Health issues. Hours spent reading self-help books and completing workbooks can certainly aid in the discovery of your true path.

An Angel Reading is a short cut through the discovery process. Pamela acts as a conduit between you and your angelic team and, together, they empower you with the life-changing awareness you are seeking. It’s an incredible experience that leaves Pamela’s clients feeling lighter and more certain of their soul’s path and purpose.

Talk to your Pets

Discover why your pet has a certain habit or trait, learn about health issues they may have or just have a conversation with them. Our animal companions can be very wise and sometimes they have enlightening advice to pass on regarding situations you are facing in your life.

Often they are just want you imagine them to be silly, fun or grumpy! Pamela opens up this communication with ease, allowing you to relate to your pets like never before.

Private Group Events

There’s a lot of laughter and love at these events! Gather a group of family or friends together and connect with your angels and loved ones, privately or in a group setting.

Or consider a class on intuition, or a guided meditation night for your next gathering. You might be surprised at how the people in the room will connect too!

“You must first be who you really are, then do what you need to do, in order to have what you want.”
Margaret Young

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